What to Bring on Your Trip

Checklist of things to bring on any river trip:

Change of Clothes - in cool weather bring two sets, one for the river and one for the ride home.
River Shoes - old tennis shoes, aqua shoes or sandals with a heal strapare examples of good footwear. Shoes of some kind are required for all river trips. We do not allow guests to wear flip-flops on trips.
Swimwear - swim suits or a T-shirt and shorts are recommended in the summer.
Sunscreen and a hat.
Rain Gear
- you can never tell when a afternoon storm will pop up here in the Valley.
Food - bring a picnic lunch or eat at our Kings Eddy Grill. We serve hotdogs, hamburgers, BBQ and ice cream at the grill. Snacks and drinks are avialable in the outfiiter store for your trip.
Drinking Water - brings lots of water and some other beverages of your choice. No glass bottles please.
Cooler - ice is available at the outfitter store. We do not allow styrofoam coolers on the river.
Trash Bags - lets do our part to keep the river clean. Also good to put wet clothes in for the ride home.
Rope - bring enough to tie your gear in your boat.
Dry Bag or Waterproof Container - keep your gear dry while on the water. We have renatl dry bags and we sell a large selection of bags in the outfitter store.
Camera - if you bring your nice camera, please use a dry bag to protect it. We sell inexpensive waterproof cameras in the outfitter store.
Fishing Gear and Fishing License - a selection of tackle proven to work on the Shenandoah is available in the outfitter store. Fishing licenses are also available
Camping Gear for those on multi-day trips:

  • Tent
  • Ground cover
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping bag pad
  • Cook stove
  • Cooking utensils
  • Paper plates
  • Eating utensils
  • Flashlight
  • Matches and lighter fluid
  • Additional food and water
  • Additional trash bags

If You Are Going Tubing Bring:

Bathing Suit
Shoes - required for all tube trips. We do not allow guests to wear flip-flops on the river.
Sunglasses - don't squint all day. Also remember your glasses strap.
Sunscreen - think of tubing like sunbathing on a giant mirror. Trust me, don't bring any little SPF4 or SPF6. Bring the good stuff.
Hat and T-Shirt - even SPF 50 gives up the ghost after a couple hours. Don't socially embarass yourself with a "sunny side up" sunburn. Solarcaine and Aloe After Sun are available in the outfitter store.
Cooler - remember, even though we give you a tube to float your cooler in, you have to drag your cooler behind you. For that reason, we suggest bringing smaller sized coolers. We do not allow styrofoam coolers on the river.
Change of clothes - makes the ride home much more enjoyable
Speaking of the ride home, please leave the alcohol at home so you have a safe ride home.

Seasonal Extras:

For cool weather paddling, bring an extra set of clothes on the river with you.
The threat of hypothermia is very real when paddling in cold water/weather.
Clothes made of synthetic fabric or good old wool will keep you warm when wet.
Bring plenty of high energy snacks and food.
Bring a thermos of hot beverages.
Extra dry bag to keep food and clothes dry.

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